Harold Martin Laird

This website was created after an idea of Harold M. Laird, incarcerated since 1992 for a murder he committed when he was 16. He is serving a life sentence without death penalty.

Harold became known after a TV production called “The real MacGuyver” of 2013 (see link to YouTube movie) which focused on a prison escape he managed on September 12, 2001 with only the means available in his cell and without any help from outside. He was caught only days after his escape and sent back to prison where he is now serving his time in Administrative Segregation (Ad. Seg.), or solitary confinement, which means a single-cell confinement for 23 hours daily where inmates are allowed one hour out of the cell for exercise and showers.

A second show about him was produced in 2014, titled “I almost got away with it”

Harold receives a lot of letters from people asking about the life in prison, this is why he came up with the idea for this website and blog. “There are a lot of people in this world who would like to know what really goes on inside of prison. TV and media dramatize it, but they do it in ways to slant the truth in someone’s favor, usually the prison system” (H. Laird, Sept. 8, 2014)

“I have no intention of pointing any fingers at any person and will not name names, even if I did. My whole objective is to inform the public about the real life workings of a prison, from the most boring to the most complex. The daily living to the political, exposing the false fronts the prison officials put up.” (H. Laird, Sept. 29th, 2014)

Harold Laird managed the impossible: despite the fact that he received his major social training in prison, he succeeded to keep a warm, loving and understanding heart, his soul still intact and reaching out for those in need of true friendship and understanding.

His manual skills make him both a threat (for prison authorities who fear his ingenious mind to come up with unusual solutions for almost impossible problems), and asset to his fellow inmates, who depend on him to get their small belongings repaired and working, or other technical problems solved.

Above all that he is a busy reader of all sorts of genre, from technical magazines, publications on natural science, psychological and judicial subjects to spiritual and behavioral guidance. From this he draws ideas which he likes to discuss with his many world-wide pen-pals.

Also he is an ingenious inventor of smart little all-day helpers, he is not only the portrayed “real MacGuyver”, but the human version of Gyro Gearloose.

To his many pen-pals he is an unfailing writer of letters, and here he shows another talent: his writing is excellent, witty, informative and intelligent so it is a pleasure reading his compositions. You will find examples of his talents in our blog which he uses to draw attention to the situation of prisoners in US prisons, namely the ones in Texas.

Since he is in prison, Harold exchanges letters with a number of people from all over the world, including Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Malaysia, The Netherlands, New Zealand and Scotland. Some of this pen-pal-friendships are long lasting, some are only short-time contacts.

Harold is also a gifted artist and does drawings which he sells via a friend. To learn more about Harold as an artist, please see fineartamerica.com/art/harold+laird


Dear reader, you may contact Harold via our contact button below. Please note that all mail to and from Harold will be read by prison authorities. Also, please allow up to four weeks for a response, depending on your location.

Please note: Harold himself has no access to E-Mail. So please direct your letters to:

Harold M. Laird
659512 Coffield
2661 fm 2054
Tennessee Colony, TX, 75884


Christa Neckermann

…”met” Harold M. Laird for the first time on TV when she saw a documentation about his escape from prison, titled “The real MacGuyver”. She was fascinated by his ability to turn the most inconspicuous things into tools which helped him to make his escape. When she found out that the character of this documentation was real and had a website, she contacted Harold and started writing to him.

During this correspondence the idea of writing a blog about the life in prison was introduced by Harold, and Christa offered to act as outside base and contact for the blog.

By supporting this website and blog Christa wants to draw attention to the social aspect of life in prison and the misplacement of human potential such as, for example, Harold’s gift of repairing things, or turning small, unimpressive objects into helpful tools.

Don’t get her wrong, though: Misbehavior against social rules will have to be corrected – but in relations to the deed done. It should be the aim of every society to enable its members to lead a life where fraud, embezzlement, theft, deception and violence, let alone murder, are not necessary to fulfill an individual’s needs.

Therefore, this website will not only give a picture about the life behind bars and lend a voice to the men and women in prison, but will also offer a platform for help for the victims of crimes, for the relatives and families of offenders, for law enforcement agencies, lawyers and judges. If we all strive to understand each other, there may be a time coming where this website will be obsolete.

„Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar“ (Art. 1, Deutsches Grundgesetz)
“The dignity of men is unimpeachable”. (Art. 1 German Constitutional Law)

“Wer Unrecht duldet, stärkt es” (Willy Brandt, Deutscher Bundeskanzler 1969-1974)
“He who tolerates injustice, encourages it” (Willy Brandt, German Chancellor 1969-1974)

“Mehrheiten können sich, wie die Geschichte lehrt, sehr wohl irren.”
(Helmut Kohl, Deutscher Bundeskanzler 1982-1998)
„Majorities can, as history teaches us, very well be wrong”,
(Helmut Kohl, German Chancellor 1982-1998)

Et nunc reges, intelligite erudimini qui judicatis terram…
So seid nun verständig, ihr Könige, laßt euch warnen, ihr Richter auf Erden! (Bibel, Psalter I, 2,10)
And now, O ye kings, understand: receive instruction, you that judge the earth. (Bible, book of Psalms I, 2.10)

“Wer ohne Sünde ist, werfe den ersten Stein” (Bibel, Johannes 8,7)
“Let him, who is without sin, cast the first stone” (Bible, John 8:7)