Welcome to If you are interested in the inner workings of prison (especially in the US) and its effect on people, then you’ve come to the right place.

It is hoped that this website informs and helps everyone to understand the truth of “prison” in every aspect.

We’ re sure you’ d like to know how we propose to inform you of the inside of prison.

Well, allow us to introduce the head and heart behind this site: His name is Harold Martin Laird, and he is incarcerated with a life sentence since he was 16 in 1992. He has seen just about everything prison has to offer (both positive and negative). He’s seen the hardships and the headaches that misunderstandings have caused, so he has put forth the effort to put this website/blog together with the hopes that he can bring some enlightenment to all of our readers so that they will not be deceived, but will understand the truth about “prison”.

The intention here is not to bash on the prison system, nor to “hate on” anyone. Although there will be a lot of negative aspects of the prison system exposed, we will also show the positive side of it. Our desire is to bring you, the reader, to a better understanding of the prison experience here in the US. It is, what it is, and the truth is the truth – that is the motto here.

We want to make it clear that the information on this website is limited to Harold M. Laird’s personal experiences and insights. Due to the variations between institutions some of this information may not apply to other institutions, or may be different. It is adviseable to always check with the institution and/or prisoner (if possible) before following any course of action. This website will not be liable for any harm or inconvenience caused by the information contained on this side, as this site’s purpose is solely to inform people. Therefore, we will not be liable in any way for any misuse of this information.

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